The Jumo Ceros S02 M and C02 M pressure measuring cells are active components with integrated signal conditioning that already provide a temperature-compensated and calibrated digital output signal for pressure and temperature values from the moment they leave the factory. They are particularly suitable for low-power applications.

Both a piezoresistive (Ceros S0 M) and a ceramic thick-film version (Ceros C02 M) are available. The piezoresistive version comes in measuring ranges from 100 mbar to 100 bar relative and from 1 to 100 bar absolute while the thick-film version is available in ranges from 1.6 to 60 bar relative. Operating temperatures are between -40 and +125 °C.

Another special feature of the measuring cells is their extremely low current consumption and low energy expenditure. This makes them ideal partners for applications with low power requirements, such as hand-held battery powered devices.

As the devices come fully calibrated and prealigned, additional equipment such as climatic cabinets or calibration systems is no longer needed. This saves on productions costs.

The Jumo Ceros measuring cells can be used in such devices as pressure transmitters, level probes, data loggers, or digital manometers. The low surface roughness of the S02 M version also allows it to be used in hygienic areas.

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