“The newly designed G 1200 professional thermocouple quick response thermometer from Greisinger offers excellent performance at a low price while delivering high-quality temperature measurements via the devices wide range of interchangeable probes” says GHM Messtechnik South Africa Managing Director, Jan Grobler.

“Greisinger has, through its re-design of the G 1200 thermocouple thermometer, improved the performance, quality and measurement of the device while maintaining its cost effectiveness and high-precision performance, making it the smart choice for the relevant industries” said Grobler.

Applicable for fast measurement in the kitchen, research and teaching, laboratory, industry, craft, and many other application areas. The strong price-performance package is completed by above-average battery life and the robust housing in a handy format.

The Advantages of The Thermocouple Type K

The thermocouple type K is used in the industrial metrology sector. It was developed mainly for oxidising environments and must be specially protected in other types of environments. The maximum measuring temperature is 1200°C, the measuring speed is only limited by the connected probe.

Optimised for Precision

Type K thermocouples measure the occurrence of a thermoelectric voltage caused by a temperature gradient along an electrical conductor. Type K thermocouples can be economically manufactured in the smallest possible size and cover an extensive temperature range.

The G 1200 is equipped with a high-precision temperature compensation, which ensures the best possible practical accuracy. Grobler added “The quick response thermometer G 1200 is always suitable when the fastest measurements of broad temperature ranges are required, the smallest measuring tips are required for puncture measurements/core temperature measurements, or the most diverse surface measurements must be carried out by contact, forceps, or wire probes. The G 1200 is also particularly suitable as a gourmet thermometer due to its speed”.

The new G 1200 series development deliberately focused on the essential functions of measurement technology – the sophisticated thermocouple reference point for the best ultimate accuracy. The G 1200 achieves unrivaled measurement reliability in this class, due to its first-class thermocouple compensation with a high-quality reference temperature measurement as well as a sophisticated design.

Reliable and Versatile in Use

The quick response thermometer, can be used for a variety of niche applications such as:

  • In the kitchen, every second can be crucial. When cooking or baking, the measurement of liquids, as well as core and cooking temperatures, are determined very quickly.
  • In the laboratory, the measuring range plays the most crucial role. Uncomplicated and fast, the G 1200 can measure the temperature of substances and liquids delivering reliable and accurate measurement results.

Temperature is a critical parameter in many industrial processes and different materials and media require wide temperature application ranges for exact measurements.

The newly designed G 1200 thermocouple quick response thermometer has found high demand from researchers and teachers precisely because of its application versatility. The range of different probes ensures universal use.

The device comes with a protective carrying bag, a self-sticking metal belt clip, various hoses, and a hose safety clip for pressures above 1 bar. To ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, an ISO calibration certificate is available for both versions making traceability of the measurement possible.


Jan Grobler
GHM Messtechnik South Africa
Tel. +27 11 902 0158

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