Instrotech is offering Keller’s digital pressure gauge for refrigeration systems. The exact vapour pressure curves of five different refrigerants are stored in Keller’s dV-2 Cool digital pressure gauge. This enables the prevailing cooling temperatures in closed cooling circuits to be derived and displayed by the integrated microprocessor.

Two versions of the digital pressure gauge with stainless steel measuring cell are available: for absolute pressures within the ranges of -1 bar to 40 bar, and -1 bar to 80 bar. These measure within the compensated pressure range of 0 °C to 50 °C with extreme accuracy and with a tole­rance of ± 0.1 %FS. Because of the high resolution of 1 mbar and 2 mbar, the dV-2 Cool pressure gauges can also be used for measuring leaks in a vacuum.

The measurements are clearly legible on the LCD display, which can be rotated to the best viewing direction after installation. Depending on the environment, a special rubber surround is available for protection.   Two buttons (Select/Enter) are available for operating the instrument and setting parameters (e.g. selecting the type of refrigerant). Users can also switch between units of bar/°C and psi/°F. After switching on, the battery-operated instrument remains active for a period of 15 minutes and then goes into standby mode. Continuous measurements can be made for approximately two months without changing the batteries.



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