The new Speetec laser motion control sensor is a non-contact optical sensor that accurately measures the speed, length and position of almost any material, from metal sheeting to newsprint paper.

Ideal target applications include cutting processes, packaging and printing, mechanical engineering, tire building or measurement and cutting of construction materials, among others.

“It’s one of the smallest – if not the smallest – devices that offers non-contact measurement, as well as a host of other benefits,” says Stephen Eltze, Market Product Manager, SICK Automation.

These benefits include:

  • Accurate, high resolution, slip-free measurement with high reproducibility

Since Speetec doesn’t make contact with the material it measures (or with the conveyor moving the material), it delivers slip-free measurement with enhanced accuracy, boosting productivity. Additionally, it does not contaminate or damage the material, making it ideal for measurement of sensitive, soft or smooth materials.

With a measurement resolution of up to 4 µm and high reproducibility, Speetec proves its reliability.

  • Delivers ROI and reduces costs

The unit is priced at between a third to a quarter of that of existing laser speed sensors. Additionally, the minimal engineering effort and maintenance requirements translate to further cost savings over time.

  • Simple, quick installation (plus, zero wear and tear)

The unit’s small size, basic mounting requirements and simple electric connections make it easy to install and wire up (whether for a retrofit or a greenfield project). For optimal performance, it should be mounted 50 mm from the target material. “It does, however, have a decent tolerance should the mounting deviate from this ideal positioning,” explains Eltze.

With no moving parts (and zero contact with materials), Speetec is not susceptible to wear and tear. All that’s required to ensure optimal performance is to keep the measurement screen clean.

  • No additional safety measures required

Many laser-equipped motion control sensors use Class 3 lasers which are hazardous for eyes and therefore require specialised housing to prevent harm to operators. Additionally, operating personnel require specialised safety training and PPE.

Speetec comprises Class 1 lasers, which are safe for eyes and thus, it does not require additional operational safety measures.


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