Anderson-Negele’s hygienic EL “Extended Life” pressure gauge was designed to offer the best durability in the industry and be the toughest, most reliable gauge for any sanitary application up to 1,000 psig.  Sanitary pressure gauges are subjected to repeated process and environmental abuse in the form of vibration, pulsation, harsh cleaning chemicals, wide temperature, and humidity swings.  The “EL” will fit in your tightest application, and last in your toughest.


  • Pasteurization
  • Process Lines
  • Filtration
  • All Sanitary Pressure
  • Dependent Processes


  • Long-life Technology with wear-free mechanical system
  • Extended Life “EL” Pressure gauge designed for longest durability
  • Stainless steel, all-welded design, resistant to vibration, shock, harsh cleaning chemicals as well as humidity
  • Re-zero option for calibration
  • Wide process temperature range (-29 °C to 149 °C)
  • Large display with 90 mm housing
  • Pressure range -1…+40 bar, measuring range selectable in PSI, BAR or Dual
  • The complete device is certified by 3-A-SSI
  • Process connections Varivent®, Tri-Clamp, DIN 11851, SMS


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