The D3, a hygienic sensor for processors of food, beverage, and dairy products is designed to be the go-to transmitter for any level applications with pressure and/or vacuum conditions in the head space of the vessel. With accurate, reliable, and repeatable level measurement, the D3 ensures efficient process control and continued production with less unplanned downtime.

Dual mA output is a standard feature of the D3 which eliminates the specific need for HART® interface or an additional transmitter to monitor the head pressure in a closed vessel. This decreases the risk of over-pressurization and helps reduce safety risk and continue the quality and stability of the product being produced.

The D3’s integrated tank and density compensation allows mA output to be scaled to the mass or volume of the product in the tank, removing the dependency on PLC programming for basic volumetric conversion and saving time and effort during commissioning.

While the sensor comes ready for easy installation, the simple graphical interface makes field setup and programming straightforward. The D3 transmitter display can be direct mounted to either of the two sensors or can be mounted remotely for easy access.

Advantages of the D3

  • Electronic detection and digital transmission without capillaries: high-precision output of the fill level, even under quickly varying process conditions. Result: optimum efficiency due to maximum use of the tank content
  • Detection and evaluation of temperature and pressure directly in the sensor stem: Extremely short response time, data output in real time, superior resistance to temperature shocks
  • Integrated tank linearization: four typical tank geometries are pre-defined, others can easily be
  • added
  • Integrated pressure compensation: Pressure values for 10 food types are integrated, others can easily be added
  • Easy installation, even in cases of retrofitting, due to variable mounting of the electric cables up to 30m distance
  • Easy commissioning: “Plug and play” intuitive operation and simple selection of pre-defined parameters
  • Superior efficiency by reduced maintenance, avoidance of downtimes and higher degree of
  • product utilization

Application examples:

  • Fermentation tanks in breweries and dairies
  • Aseptic storage and processes in dairy and high-purity water (WFI) production
  • Juice storage tanks
  • Pressure drop measurement in diaphragms


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