Highly accurate monitoring of process pressure and robustness against recurring pressure surges are essential in many food applications. The long-life technology of the EL pressure gauges noticeably increases measuring sensitivity and durability:

The wear-free mechanical system ensures a measuring accuracy of ± 0.5 % of the end value over many years.

The optional hydro-mechanical damping provides efficient and reliable protection against damage even under pronounced mechanical loads such as vibrations and pressure hammers.

The diaphragm is specially mechanically equipped for a long service life, for example through the supreme material quality and an in-house production process optimised over decades.

The extended service life, which is often several times longer than that of other pressure gauges, leads not only to increased process reliability but also to a favourable cost of ownership.

A particular feature for fast and reliable detection is the display with the maximum possible diameter related to the device size.

Other factors for long-term practical suitability include the robust construction, the process and CIP/SIP temperature resistance up to 149 °C, and the all-round hygienic and easy-to-clean one-piece design with protection class IP66.

Technical specifications at a glance

  • High-precision pressure gauge, measuring accuracy ± 0,5 % of the end value
  • Huge display diameter 90 mm
  • Pressure range -1…+40 bar, measuring range selectable in PSI, BAR or Dual
  • Optional hydro-mechanical damping
  • Extremely robust one-piece design and Long Life Technology for easy cleaning and lasting process reliability

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