To open or close a valve or damper automatically in case of a fire this device allows the valve to operate using a fusible link mechanism designed to yield at a set temperature.

  • Reliable torque delivery for valve reseat
  • Available to Models 05, 07, 09 and 12 (maximum torque 226 Nm 2300 lbf ins)
  • Two Yield Temperature Options
  • Clockwise or counter clockwise 90˚ spring action
  • ISO5211 female drive options available
  • Spring housing sealed to IP65 to protect from internal corrosion
  • ATEX Category 2 approved options available

Yield Temperatures

Fire fail-safe fusible links

Solder type (UL approved)

Yield temperature options 74˚C 100˚C
Max normal ambient temperature 38˚C 66˚c


ISO/Female Drive Options

All models are available with female drive options for direct mount.

Ordering Codes

To order a fire fail-safe spring unit, quote model number, direction of spring followed by product type code:

0074      Fire fail-safe spring unit 74˚C

0010      Fire fail-safe spring unit 100˚C

1074      ATEX fire-safe spring unit 74˚C

1100      ATEX fire fail-safe spring unit 100˚C

(Example 054-020-0074)

For reduced torque versions contact Rotatech.


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