BAMUL Dairy – The Bangalore Urban, Rural & Ramanagara District Co-Operative Milk Producers societies Union Ltd. (BAMUL) was established 1975, and it is the second largest Dairy Co-Operative in the country. In south India, it stands first in terms of procurement as well as sales. The Bangalore Dairy has become one of the most sophisticated Dairies in India by adopting Computer Controlled State of the Art Technology.

The Requirements

Bamul Bangalore Plant Deputy Manager Maintenance was facing a critical issue in their milk separation process. They experienced frequent diaphragm ruptures in the installed pressure gauges caused by sudden fluctuations in pressure. This problem led to repeated plant downtime, and they had to maintain a large inventory because of frequent failures.

On top of that, accurate pressure measurement was a critical requirement to ensure a constant milk fat ratio. To solve these problems, the manager was looking for a high quality pressure gauge that can sustain such fluctuations and help avoid any downtime, which leads to production loss.

The Anderson-Negele Solution

Anderson-Negele India offered the EL Pressure Gauge, first on a trial basis. The hygienic EL “Extended Life” pressure gauges are designed to resist repeated process and environmental stress like vibration, pulsation, harsh cleaning chemicals and wide temperature and humidity fluctuations. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve identified and addressed all of the key causes of premature failure in food, dairy, and beverage processing applications.

After getting the positive test results, BAMUL regularized their milk separation process with our EL pressure gauge. From the first trial more than 5 years ago, all of the installed EL pressure gauges are running successfully with the highest customer satisfaction.

Application Benefits

  • No failures and zero downtime
  • High accuracy and performance in the harshest environment
  • Maintenance free and faster return on investment
  • Higher resistance to pressure fluctuations in the milk separation process


  • Long-life technology with wear-free mechanical system
  • Extended Life Pressure gauge designed for longest durability
  • Resistance to vibration, pulsation, harsh cleaning chemicals, and humidity
  • Re-zero option for calibration
  • Wide process temperature range from -29 °C to 149 °C
  • Huge display with 90 mm housing
  • Complete device is certified by 3-A-SSI


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Instek Control
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