The Anderson-Negele “3 in 1” L3 Pressure and Level Transmitter has been designed to measure process pressure or volumetric and mass level in all hygienic process applications such as brewing, dairy, food, beverage, and pharma processing applications.

The exceptional accuracy is thanks to temperature compensation that reduces errors associated with process temperature changes and improved zero stability. The user interface makes set-up easy and configuration simple and can be done via HART interface too.

Key benefits & features:

  • Progressive temperature compensation allows temperature resistant pressure, level, and volume measurement
  • Pressure measurement in pipes and vessels up to 110 °C (230 °F)
  • CIP-/SIP-cleaning up to 135 °C (275 °F) for 60 minutes max
  • Various ranges from 0 – 35 bar with Turndown 1:10
  • Precise level measurement in small and large vessels with rapidly changing process temperatures
  • Modular design for individual configuration, with Smart Replace Design (easy component exchange in the field)
  • Remote version available
  • Integrated tank linearisation by vessel geometry (dimensions) or a custom input of up to 10 points
  • Density compensation for high-precision output of volume or mass (kg, litres, percent…)
  • Easy adjustment of zero and span
  • 3 different process applications in one sensor


Ian Morton
Morton Controls
Tel. 0861 000 393

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