In this webinar to be held on the 28th of October 2021, OUR EXPERTS from Berthold show you the advantages of a rod source / point detector arrangement. They will explain what makes this combination the superior solution for most level and belt scale measurement tasks.

When designing a radiometric level or belt scale measurements, a distinction is usually made between two variants: either a point source / rod detector arrangement, or the option using a rod source and a point detector. Driven by the supposedly lower price, the variant with rod detectors is frequently chosen. Compared to this solution, however, the rod source / point detector arrangement offers decisive advantages in measurement performance, which will be shown and explained in this webinar.

Berthold – The experts in radiometric process control for more than 70 years, and the only manufacturer of Co-60 rod sources

  • Why do radiometric measurements with rod sources offer higher long-term stability?
  • Why is the use of rod sources beneficial especially when dealing with interfering process influences and nondestructive testing?

These and other interesting questions about this superior measurement arrangement will be covered in the webinar.

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