A clever housing concept permits installation without having to open the box. Designed to customers specifications, the box can be equipped with pushbuttons, key switches, multi-pushbuttons as well as safety components such as an emergency stop. Offered in four sizes, always suited for today’s machine and plant designers. This is efficiency.

Presumably the best connectivity solution already existed in the ultra-compact module with G10 direct connection and the flexibly integratable CB10 module with wire connection. Now the product range is significantly extended and improved by a combined pushbutton box as a complete solution.

We optimise the connection of individual pushbuttons or pushbutton boxes or even panels with multiple pushbuttons to ASi, and once and for all eliminate time-consuming assembly of boxes in the general production process, for example for machine builders.

Simplify connection. Gain flexibility. Integrate safety. How does it work?

Plug and play concept for pushbutton boxes

The pushbutton boxes are connected via a standard M12 connector. Flexible length, unibody G10 passive distributors, simply opened and closed, are the ideal connection to the ASi flat cable. The plug-in concept automatically omits wiring errors during installation and significantly reduces the installation time compared to other wiring solutions.

The M12 connector of the pushbutton box can be plugged directly into the addressing device to facilitate the addressing process. After the address assignment, the device is ready for operation and communicates with the master.

In general, other manufacturers’ housings have to be opened before installation, since the mounting holes are located on the inside. This puts unnecessary strain on the wire strands and potentially exposes them to the risk of being pinched. Our solution is ingeniously easy and elegant. The housing remains closed. External screws are used for installation and protective caps ensure the perfect design.

This is an ingenious cost killer for the design of numerous applications.

A wide range of available options

In general, any 22 mm element can be installed. The housing offers sufficient space. We offer the following components to be used as basic modules:

  • Illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons in different colors
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated switches in different colors
  • Illuminated beacons in different colors
  • Rotary selector switches with two, three or four settings
  • Joystick control
  • Key switches for protected operation
  • Illuminated double, triple and quadruple pushbuttons
  • SIL3/PL e certified emergency stop pushbuttons
  • SIL3/PL e certified emergency stop pushbuttons with 360° illumination ring

Standard and safety on a single M12 connector

In general, ASi components were designed either for safety or standard applications only. Therefore, two housings needed to be installed and mounted if safe shutdown as well as machine operation were required. Now, a single housing provides the solution – completely prewired upon request. The ASi connection is prefabricated, and the device can be connected to the flat cable simply by using a single M12 connector. Unbelievably simple in just one housing, saving space and installation effort.

Your savings potential

Application 1:

Mount pushbutton box on the machine without opening it, and simply connect it via M12. This only takes a minute as opposed to assembling, wiring and labeling components for 60 minutes.

Application 2:

Directly connect multiple pushbuttons in panels via the CB10 through flex wires. Simply connect the wire strands and be done. Connection in one minute compared to frequently more than 30 minutes for wiring. In addition, some of the terminal blocks can be omitted.

Application 3:

Integrated safety only needs a single M12 connector. Plug in and be done. This way, the duplicate effort of installing a separate emergency stop and a pushbutton positioned in its vicinity is omitted.

Application 4:

It is also possible to connect sensors to the CB10 in the pushbutton box, facilitating the display, sensor signal evaluation and acknowledgment functions. The ultra-compact G10 with IP69 is the perfect solution for connecting one or two sensors or remote signal lights.

Customer advantages at a glance

  • Simple and error-free installation via M12 connectors
  • Installation without opening the housing
  • Customized and personalised solution
  • Number, type and labels of pushbuttons depending on the application
  • Meets highest safety requirements according to SIL3/PL e category 4
  • Suitable for operation in harsh industrial conditions
  • Extended temperature range and protection class up to IP69

Overview of pushbutton boxes with integrated ASi interface. Emergency stop only, pushbutton only or a combination. Everything is possible through installation without opening the housing.

Options of multiple pushbuttons in combination with an emergency stop can be customised and personalised. Multiple different modules can be placed into the four housing types. Multi-pushbuttons, key-operated pushbuttons or switches are just a few examples.


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