The ULTRA TOUGH series of pH & ORP sensors are made with the very toughest materials and latest technology for exceptional performance in highly aggressive environments. Most importantly they provide accurate and stable measurement at extreme temperatures, and across a wide pH range. This range is available in 3 different body styles: fully submersible, inline sanitary or hot tap and inline twist lock, suiting a wide range of installations.

Break Resistant Glass

The ULTRA TOUGH series features our unique break resistant glass which is highly resistant to impact and high velocity solids. Not only will the glass resist abrasion in process, but its incredible strength means that build-up of solids can be removed through aggressive cleaning without fear of breakage.


Fouling is a common problem with most brands of sensors. Turtle Tough utilise a large open geometry design with coat resistant materials. Our ability to withstand high velocity allows the sensor to be placed in high flow areas to keep the sensor clean and maintain optimal performance of the sensor within the sensibilities of a standard cleaning regime.

Solid State Reference

At the heart of our TOUGH range is a polypropylene solid-sate reference system. Polypropylene has high chemical resistance and is very economical for industrial applications with temperatures up to 105°C. Unlike conventional sensors, our solid state reference is formulated with specific salt mixtures, to provide extreme performance in a wide variety of applications. The non-porous attributes of this component make it extremely resistant to process contamination providing long life under harsh chemical conditions.

Customise For Your Process

Our ULTRA TOUGH sensors are available with the following options that allow you to configure the sensor for your application:

  • Triple junction
  • Extreme dehydration resistant
  • Extreme cold resistant
  • Organic media resistant
  • Sodium resistant
  • Zinc resistant
  • High HF resistant
  • High temperature resistant
  • Extreme waterproofing and cable protection

Direct Smart Sensor Technology (DSS)

Smart Sensors have revolutionised the way our customers manage and maintain sensors. Unlike most other smart sensors, Turtle Tough DSS Sensors directly output a digital MODBUS RTU signal that is universally accepted. This allows the sensor to be directly connected to your industrial network without the need for proprietary hardware (ie such as an analyser). Turtle Tough also provide state-of-the-art controllers should you require a sophisticated turnkey control solution. Turtle Tough DSS sensors also keep a complete history of performance and diagnostics onboard, providing you with the ability to clean and calibrate sensors offline, by hot swapping sensors.

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