The Intelligent Load Cell Junction Box will help guard a weighing system from performing incorrectly and giving a wrong weight. Incorrect weighing will cause any number of manufacturing problems, including lost profits. A weighing system that is not performing correctly is usually caused by either:

  • A faulty or damaged load cell
  • An imbalance of the weighing system where the weight isn’t seen equally by all the load cells
  • Load cell cable break

A standard load cell junction box simply terminates 3 or 4 load cell cables in to one signal cable. The AW190 Intelligent Junction Box Unique to Applied Weighing – does so much more:

  • No external power supply needed
  • Up to 4 load cells can be monitored per junction box
  • Faults are displayed and reported via a ‘healthy’ volt free relay contact and CAN Bus output
  • Monitors alerts when load cells are out of pre-configured range
  • Out of balance and
  • Avoid inaccurate weighing which can cause potential over fill or running out of material

Daisy chain up to 8 junction boxes to monitor up to 32 load cells and send just one cable back to weight instrumentation. The AW190 can give a relay output that can be used as an alarm to other types of control instrumentation.

Used in conjunction with Applied Weighing’s Target 260 Amplifier Status 290 Weight Indicator / Controller and AW 560 Weight Indicator / Controller individual load cell faults and locations can easily be seen on the weight instrumentation displays.

The AW190 can also be used in conjunction with the Teleonix 2 remote monitoring system. The Teleonix 2 web page with display the individual load cell status and will alert the user to any load cell faults. An email is issued instantly highlighting the fault and identity of the load cell that requires attention.


  • Easy monitoring of individual load cell conditions to identify a potential problem.
  • Monitor up to 32 load cells with no external power supply required.
  • Monitors for Load cell out of range, out of balance and cable break faults.
  • ‘Healthy’ relay output identifies load cell faults.
  • Robust design for harsh industrial applications, sealing rating up to IP65.
  • DIN rail or stainless steel (IP66) enclosure versions are available.
  • Bright OLED display for easy viewing in all lighting conditions.
  • CAM BUS for interfacing to weight indicators in our range.


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