Production industries demand faster machines that provide more real-time control over high-speed industrial Ethernet networks. Smart automation technologies fulfill this demand and provide cost savings, secure processes and high throughput.

METTLER TOLEDO’s IND360 boosts machine productivity by delivering precise and accurate weight to an automation network at 960 cycles per second to vastly improve weight-based control algorithms. Advanced condition monitoring, heartbeat, and Smart5™ NAMUR NE107 prioritized alarming ensures that quality is never jeopardized due to undetected errors.

Boost productivity with faster weighing performance

Faster weight processing with IND360 makes PLC/DCS operation more efficient by allowing users to cyclically select and consume seven floating-point variables and scale status over PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and ProfibusDP all in real time. Faster PLC control allows significant increases in machine speed and throughput without sacrificing quality. Many control variables are available for every range of application.

Smartest way to integrate weighing

IND360 works with all strain gauge scales and smart devices like high-precision bench scales, floor scales, POWERCELL® weigh modules, and scales that facilitate weighing from 11 grams to 1000 tons. Easy configuration through a local or remote web interface enables automatic scale adjustment. A complete system is setup up in minutes; “setup-cloning” expedites integration of multiple devices used in a ring topology.

One solution for a multitude of workplaces

IND360 is available as a transmitter or an application controller with built-in control functions with local discrete I/O and analog output, making it one of the most versatile products for most weighing processes. All functions may also be controlled by the PLC or DCS for full flexibility.

Global compliance

Global approvals, which enable cross-border consistency, include OIML, NTEP, CPA (metrology); FCC, CE (EMC); IEC/EN61010, UL (safety).

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