Machine builders (and end users) now have the option to set timing and counting parameters on their application timers from their smartphone or tablet – without having to power the timer. The TMM1 NFC, a multifunction, multiscale, multi-voltage electric timer with near field communication technology and app, facilitates precise programming of a timer quickly and easily. Engineered by Lovato Electric, and distributed and locally backed by ElectroMechanica, the multifunction timer is ideal for applications that require serial programming and precise and repeatable settings.

An advantage unique to this timer is that, regardless of the timing function selected, a threshold on the number of closings of the relay output can be programmed. When that threshold is reached, the programmed function stops recording. The counter function can be used for numerous and various applications, like counting the pieces passing under a photocell to commanding the activation of a turnstile with a limited number of accesses.

The electric timer is intuitively, and very quickly, configured using Android or iOS smart devices that support NFC connectivity and have the Lovato TMM1 NFC app installed. This intuitive programming removes any programming challenges for users, and the graphic interface used on the app shows directly on the screen of the smart device. This allows users to select a function just by clicking on a diagram – far simpler than referring to a user manual.

“There are an unprecedented 40 settable functions available on the device,” explains Richard Nobbs, ElectroMechanica. “These enhance the timer’s flexibility and adaptability to suit any application.”

Some of the more common functions include on- and off-delay, intermittence (pause-work), pulse generator, step-by-step relay, protection, on-delayed opening or closing of a contact, analogue filter, part counter and hour counter. Additionally, timing can be paused, reset or restarted just by closing an external contact. “Its multiscale-ability means it accommodates time bases from tenths of a second, to seconds, minutes, hours and days. Even up to 999 days can now be selected,” Nobbs enthuses.

Device security has been boosted with the introduction of a 4-digit password for peace of mind, and its functionality is extremely fast, saving machine builders and end users’ time. “Once a function has been selected, it can be saved and transferred to an unlimited number of timers,” says Nobbs. “Programming can be copied to other M1 NFC TMs extremely quickly via NFC, without needing to power up the timer. Once the configuration has been sent to TMM1 NFC, users can check the saved settings simply by re-reading the programming using the Lovato NFC App. “This allows a significant reduction in set-up times, the resetting of setting errors and the repeatability of the operation.”

Lovato has taken the intelligent timing aspect a step further with the inclusion of an hour counter function. Typically used to count the operating hours of a machine and signal a request for maintenance when due, the count value is retained in memory – even without power. This enables the counter to start a count from the value stored in memory before the power fails.

A cULus-approved product, the TMM1 NFC is constructed in a single modular container and is suitable for mounting on omega 65 mm profile and for screw fixing. Power and output are displayed by two signalling LEDs, and a QR code connects to the website to download the technical manual. It can be powered by auxiliary voltage from 12 to 240 V AC/DC and has one output contact.



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