The PeakTech 1212 is a new, innovative oscilloscope, which is based on the size and design of a standard tablet. With the tablet oscilloscope it is possible to record each normal measured variable and measurement form as with a stationary oscilloscope.

The PeakTech 1212 is a four-channel oscilloscope, it has a bandwidth of 100 MHz and it is able to perform various measurements with a sampling rate of up to 1 GS/s. Settings can be made quickly and precisely with the 8 inch touchscreen, but also with the function keys. The intuitive menu navigation enables the user to carry out an optimal analysis of the variables to be measured on systems or devices.

The PeakTech 1212 is a tablet oscilloscope, which is used in almost all areas of electrical engineering due to its mobility and excellent application possibilities.


Edwin Brown
Vepac Electronics
Tel. +27 11 454 8053

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