Digitalisation has many faces. The networked industry is dynamic, flexible, and organised. IT systems at the office level are merging with the industrial level and create new demands on your company network.

Application solutions from LAPP accompany you in your digitalisation process. We offer you our expertise for every application in your Industrial Communication.

Main Control Cabinet

The main control cabinet is the brain of the whole system. Same as humans’ brain it is sensitive to the interferences coming from outside as well as inside. Data must be reliably sent and received, with no delays or failures. This can be ensured only if the right components are used for the data transmission.

Product Innovations For The Main Control Cabinet:


Modern machines collect and process data. Thanks to that the machines can be fully controlled, and it enables additional functions such as supply management or predictive maintenance. Applications in the machine usually include both protected applications (machine control cabinet) and unprotected applications (machine processing area). Due to that it’s important to consider specific requirements of each application inside the machine.

Product Innovations For Machine Application:

Control Cabinet to Control Cabinet/ Machine to Machine

Modern production lines consist of various machines which form raw material or parts coming on one side of the line into the final product leaving on the other side. Communication between two machines or control cabinets is essential for the right functionality of the whole system. LAPP offers a product portfolio which fulfils specific requirements for that application such as tray rating, long functional length, EMC and robustness.

Product Innovations For Connections Between Control Cabinets And Machines:


Robots are indispensable in a smart factory. Data cables designed for robot application need to withstand the highest mechanical stress caused by fast and frequent bending and twisting. These are requirements that not every cable can withstand in the long term without damage.

Product Innovations For Robot Applications:

Cable Chain

In Industry 4.0, goods, products or tools are moved fully automatically by machines, sometimes even at high speeds. The movement must be controlled which involves various sensors and encoders. More sophisticated systems also include cameras. At the end all these components must be connected by suitable data cables that are robust and highly flexible at the same time.

Product innovations for cable chain applications:


Building or Office

Robustness, flexibility, chemical and mechanical resistance are important characteristics for industrial data cables. At the office level, fixed installation, dry environment, and stable temperature doesn´t make industrial products any longer necessary. On the other hand, there are different requirements putting more focus on flame retardancy and material safety in case of fire. Materials should be halogen free.

Product Innovations For Buildings Or Offices:

Field Application

Fieldbus or daisy chain systems are the control networks of the processing line. Often the sent data packages are not big but it is very important to transmit them in real time. High availability and redundancy are critical factors in all levels of this application, for example in the transmission of measured values between sensors, actuators and PLCs.

New Products For Field Applications:


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