Kinetrol is pleased to announce the introduction of the New Model 21 Actuator. The new unit is the replacement for the Model 20 and offers some additional features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

  • Single vane design
  • Increased actuator torques
  • Reduced air consumption

Reduction in weight from the Model 20 Model 21 Double Acting – 177 kg (less coupling) Model 21 Spring Return – 516 kg

  • Displaced volume – 1915 in³ / 31386 cm³
  • New polymer stop assembly as standard for improved impact strength and end stop life.
  • 1” Air ports as standard, high flow slave valve block option is available
  • Angle of travel: adjustable 80 to 100 degrees
  • DIN / ISO option available
  • Working temperature range: -40°C to +80°C
  • Low temperature option: -54°C to + 60°C option available
  • Atex Category 2 approved (see below)
  • Double acting Torque @ 7bar 13859 Nm
  • Spring retune Torque @ 5.5bar 5456 Nm

Spring Return Part Numbers and Torques

The Model 21 Spring Return Actuator incorporates two Model 18 Springs which will be fitted below the actuator as standard, and will use the designation 214-1*0 for ISO and 217-1*0 for ANSI.

* Spring directions are the same as standard “2” – Clockwise “3” – Counter Clockwise when viewed from above.

Low pressure spring return options are also available.

214-1*0-8000        ISO Spring Return Clockwise Actuators (1 x Model 18 spring)

214-1*0-7300       ISO Spring Return Clockwise Actuators (3 x Model 16 springs)

Materials of Construction

Casing:  Sand cast aluminium alloy.

Vane & Output shaft: SG Iron, zinc plated.

Shaft bushes: PTFE coated bronze.

Seals: Moulded polyurethane.

Seal expanders: Stainless spring steel.

Coupling: Weldable mild steel, zinc plated.

Mounting Interface and Accessory Mounting

The model 21 offers the same mounting interface as the Model 20 but the actuator does have a larger footprint. The accessory interface also matches the Model 20 and will use discrete drive accessories.

Zjaan Haarhoff
Tel. +27 11 708 6455

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