Inductive safety sensors with two OSSD (output switching signal device) outputs complete Turck’s portfolio for safety technology. The proximity switches enable users to also exploit the benefits of contactless and thus wear-free position and range monitoring in safety-related applications – whether on presses, cranes, fairground machinery or machine covers.

The sensors use their OSSD outputs to send switching signals to safety systems. This is used for detecting short circuits, overload, or cross-circuits and for testing switch-off capability at the same time. With SIL 2 (IEC 61508) and performance level d (EN ISO 13849), the devices meet demanding requirements in terms of functional safety.

Turck’s new product series comprises the flush mountable M12, M18 and M30 threaded-barrel devices, each with a large assured switch-on distance, robust metal housing and a wide temperature range from -25 to 70 °C. Thanks to their insensitivity to dust and humidity, the inductive proximity switches reduce the risk of plant failures – and are thus ideal for users wishing to implement a cost efficient safety solution with a metal target instead of with a specially mounted actuator.

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