Introducing the SELET model OCV56T/C photoelectric sensors (block type) for optical detection of bottles (glass or PET with a good degree of transparency), of any shape, depth or colour. The operating principle of the OCV56T/C sensor is based on a high-tech optical system, ensuring an excellent result if normal optical sensors are not suitable or reliable.  The functionality is programmed by the Teach button: manual or automatic sensitivity setup, light/dark selection.

OCV56T/C key features:

  • Mechanical size: 50 x 50 x 18 mm
  • Reflex with reflecto type
  • Suitable for glass or PET bottles detection
  • Plastic housing
  • Covered range: 2 m con reflector type SCT2, 3 m with reflector type SCT4
  • Teach-in sensing range adjustment
  • Connection via 2 m cable, pigtail M12 connector or M12 connector
  • Multi-use output: PNP + NPN, light/dark selection
  • Supply voltage: 10 – 30 Vdc

SELET, based in Turin, Italy since 1973, started out producing components for automation fields. The production of inductive sensors began with the idea to replace the limitations of mechanical switches in automation.  In the 80s, SELET started producing capacitive and photoelectronic sensors, as well as rotary encoders (incremental and absolute). Recently, SELETS’s emphasis is on developing customer-driven products, following the philosophy that “the Customers’ needs are our needs”.  SELET enjoys a worldwide presence through its distribution network and direct contacts.



Tel. +27 10 595 1831

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