The MTN/2285STC is a dual output sensor, ideal for monitoring vibration and temperature levels in the same location to protect motors, fans, pumps, compressors and other assemblies with rotating parts. Both outputs are in the industry-standard range 4-20mA and are suitable for direct connection to a PLC, DCS or other industrial controllers. The MTN/2285STC is a stainless steel side-entry transducer, sealed to IP65 and supplied with 5m of integral stainless steel over-braded ETFE cable as standard with other lengths available upon request. Its dynamic range is 50g peak and it has a frequency range of 16Hz to 720Hz ±10%. The sensor requires a DC supply voltage in the range 12 to 32V. Its Vibration output is proportional to RMS velocity with a range of 0 to 10, 20, 25, 50 or 100mm/S; to be specified when ordering. The sensor’s Temperature output sensitivity is 0.106mA/oC across its operating temperature range of -25 to 90oC, and it has an accuracy of 0.08%/oC.

Changes in vibration or temperature levels tend to provide the earliest indication that a piece of plant or equipment is in need of maintenance, and in some cases warrants shutting down to avoid damage. With our new dual-output sensor, engineers can connect directly to any equipment that accepts inputs in the 4-20mA range in order to monitor both parameters for maintenance, control or emergency-shutdown purposes.

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