The T30R offers more robust detection capabilities and longer range than ultrasonic solutions in a similar package size without the risk of crosstalk from multiple sensors mounted close together. The compact radar sensor has an IP67-rated housing for use in challenging environments.

It is resistant to ambient weather such as sunlight, wind, rain, and snow that can be problematic. Radar waves are not affected by ambient temperature changes, providing consistent measurement from -40 to 65°C (–40°F to +149°F). The 15 m range and excellent performance in harsh environments make the T30R ideal for outdoor detection at loading docks, tolls, gates, and car washes.

More Precise and Reliable Alternative to Traditional 24 GHz Radar

Like other Banner radar sensors, the T30R features Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) for detection of both stationary and moving targets. However, the T30R has much more precise detection of a wider variety of materials than traditional 24 GHz radar.

Banner’s T30R can detect objects as close as 150 mm and can measure with linearity and repeatability less than +/- 1 cm. The T30R can reliably detect high-dielectric targets, like metal or large amounts of water, as well as challenging lower-dielectric materials, such as wood, rock, or organic material.

Easy Setup – Simple Integration

The T30R can be programmed using the free and intuitive configuration software, remote teach input, push buttons, or IO-Link for flexible setup and configuration. Dual discrete outputs are available for slow and stop positions and analog and IO-Link options are available for absolute distance measurement.

The T30R also features Banner’s Pulse Pro output that can connect directly to a variety of Banner lights to provide direct process feedback to the operator by illuminating a light green to yellow to red, or any custom configuration. Pulse Pro only requires power, and no separate controller is needed.


The T30R solves a wide variety of challenging applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Mobile equipment collision avoidance
  • Positioning of baggage handling trucks and passenger bridges at airports
  • Outdoor detection and measurement applications
  • Vehicle detection, profiling, and positioning
  • Level measurement applications
  • Car wash vehicle profiling

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