The new CU81xx UPS series are designed for universal use. Due above all to the flexible connection options extending up to One Cable Technology for uninterruptible power supply (UPS-OCT), it is suitable for an extremely broad range of applications. This includes the entire range of Beckhoff components – in particular the Industrial, Panel and Embedded PCs – as well as third-party products.

In combination with the Beckhoff Industrial PCs, particularly efficient cabling is possible with just one cable for 24 V DC supply and communication through UPS-OCT. The uninterruptible power supply units from the CU81xx series have been designed for rear panel and DIN rail mounting.

At present, one capacitive and two battery-assisted versions are available:

– CU8110-0120: capacitive UPS (0.9 Wh) with a maximum power output of 120 W

– CU8130-0120: battery-backed UPS (15 Wh) with a maximum power output of 120 W

– CU8130-0240: battery-backed UPS (30 Wh) with a maximum power output of 240 W

In the battery-assisted versions, the NiMH battery cells are easily accessible from the front should they need to be replaced.

The UPS neither needs to be dismantled nor dismounted from the DIN rail for this purpose. It is only necessary to release two screws in the cover to replace the battery module.

One-cable solution offers special benefits

A special feature of the UPS series is its flexible communication capability, which allows the retrieval of status values for diagnostic purposes or the configuration of the UPS. All Industrial PCs with an appropriate interface and Windows 7 or 10 operating system can thus be connected in the conventional way via USB 2.0.

In the simplest case, e.g. when using a classic PLC, digital I/Os are also available so that, for example, the controller can read a power fail signal and respond accordingly. The UPS connection can be implemented much more conveniently with the UPS-OCT one-cable solution, which is currently supported by the C6030 Ultra Compact IPC, the CX52xx Embedded PC series and the CX2100-0024 Embedded PC power supply unit.

This solution combines the IPC power supply with the UPS communication in a single 24 V DC cable. This makes the installation much simpler, because the IPC can be supplied both with power and all necessary information directly from the UPS with just one cable. UPS-OCT will be supported by all Beckhoff Industrial and Embedded PCs in future.


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