Manometers offer many benefits for engineers and technicians who need to measure and monitor pressure, but critical elements such as high accuracy, high precision and ease of use, play a large role in their selection of the best-for-application manometer, which is where Greisinger’s constant investment into design and development puts them in the leading position in terms of the manufacture and supply of state-of-the-art handheld fine manometers.

Greisinger, part of the GHM Group of Companies, has launched their new handheld and fine handheld manometers, namely the G 1107 (fine) and manometer G 1113 series (manometer), both of which offer a superior and faster performance, higher accuracy with high resolution and position independency, when measuring differential and relative pressure with a high practical suitability. The two manometer models offer universal port technology, above-average battery life and robust housing with a practical and user-friendly design.

“Since even the smallest deviations can lead to malfunctions, reliably measured values are enormously important and not just for sophisticated heater systems” says Jan Grobler, Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik, South Africa. “The G 1107 fine manometer and the G 1113 manometer can also be used to measure other leakage, gas pressure, gas flow or chimney draft measurements as the outstanding accuracy of these new devices, coupled with the high resolution and fast measuring frequency, guarantee efficient results that  improve operational safety and practical handling” said Grobler.

High Performance

These new handheld manometers offer a fast and reliable measurement through ease of use enabling time savings to be achieved. Their smooth display screens make measurement activities a safe and comfortable – irrespective of position – function. The extremely high resolution of 0.1 Pa (G 1107) gives efficient testing in a practical and compact housing suitable for all applications featuring a universal port connection technology.

At the heart of the manometer is the chip-based MEMS sensor, which provides reliable results for calibrated and traceable measurements. The G 1107 covers a high-resolution range of up to +/- 200 hPa/20 kPa, whilst the G 1113 provides equally precise differential pressure measurements of up to +/- 2000 hPa. There is also a switchable FINE-Function which enhances the resolution to an unrivalled 0.1 Pa (G11107) or 1 Pa (G113).

Technical Features

Both of the Greisinger handheld manometers offer:

  • Modern and function design – pocket size
  • Excellent ROI/performance ratio
  • 3-line backlit display/overhead displays at the push of a button
  • Waterproof
  • Robust and long battery life
  • Easy to use universal pressure port with exchangeable connections
  • High resolution and precision
  • Speed
  • Calibration options/traceable

Grobler said “In addition to the new specified features, the new universal pressure connection concept on G 1/8” basis offers so many connection possibilities that on-site service technicians will find the devices hugely beneficial. The performance offered is off the highest possible standard, delivering the most reliable ratios of accuracy available”.

Jan Grobler
Messtechnik South Africa
Tel. +27 11 902 0158

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