Kobold DOE is an oval gear flowmeter, categorised as positive displacement flow technology. When liquid flows through this positive displacement flowmeter, two oval geared rotors measure a constant volume per rotation, within a precisely machined measuring chamber.

With each rotation, a constant volume of liquid is measured. The rotation of the oval gears is sensed via magnets embedded within the rotors.

The meter can be used with a wide range of media and chemicals. The aluminium version in particular is suitable for applications with motor and heating fuels or lubricating liquids.

These magnets transmit a high-resolution pulse output. The output signal can be process externally via a remote display controller or PLC, or via a variety of output/display options available as accessories attached to the flowmeters.

The positive displacement flow technology allows for precise flow measurement of most clean liquids regardless of the media conductivity. Other liquid properties also have a minimal effect on the performance of this type of meter. Flow profile conditioning is not required as with alternative flow technology options making oval gear installations simple to install in tight spaces and at an economical price.

A common application is the measurement of diesel engines’ fuel consumption in transport or conventional power plants. On each fuel pipe (supply and return) one DOE is installed. The differential flow computer ZFC determines the actual fuel consumption. Also, temperature sensors (for example our MWD) are used to increase the accuracy of the measurement. The flow computer can compensate for the effect of fuel expansion due to increasing temperatures.

Technical specifications

  • Pressure Max. 64 bar; Temperature Max +80 °C
  • Viscosity range: up to 1000cP
  • Accuracy: + 1% of reading
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Pulse output

Product highlights:

  • Compact measuring device
  • Exact, even with significant temperature differences between supply and return
  • Applicable in rough conditions (rain, snow, salty atmosphere)
  • Durable at reasonable costs


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