The Q76E has a unique design that enables consistent detection of a broad range of targets that typically challenge other sensors. Each sensor generates a wide sensing beam capable of reliably detecting pallets, boards, totes with gaps or holes, packages, pouches, and other irregularly shaped targets, as well as objects in clear or reflective packaging.

Optimize Sensor Performance

The Q76E features two sensitivity levels and manual adjustment for detection of challenging targets, such as shrink-wrapped pallets, small objects, and film or perforated packaging. Use the TEACH button to adjust sensor sensitivity and select light or dark operate. Increased sensitivity mode enables detection of objects as small as 8 mm in size. The Q76E also offers an IO-Link model for increased data availability, remote configuration and monitoring, and simple device replacement.

Easy Set-Up and Alignment

The Q76E features a visible red beam for simple alignment and bright LEDs for visual indication. The small gap in the sensing beam allows accurate alignment of the sensor. Additionally, it features a 250 Hz switching frequency for high speed production lines.


  • Detect objects on a conveyor
  • Pallet/material handling detection
  • Leading edge detection of irregularly shaped objects


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