Keller’s standard product catalogue covers most applications for pressure measurement technology. However, there are often great benefits to optimising pressure sensors specifically for use and integration into higher-level complete systems.

Keller’s modular product design offers great flexibility and allows customer-specific adaptations to be made without causing soaring costs – even for small production runs.

Sharing expertise to create the perfect sensor solutions

Keller has 50 years experience in countless challenging projects in the field of piezo-resistive pressure measurement technology. Applications that at first glance may seem trivial, can actually prove to be highly complex on closer analysis. By taking the actual usage conditions of the sensor into consideration right from the outset, Keller has achieved major improvements in effectiveness and durability.  Keller has found that a mutual exchange of expertise with customers has been central to their success, and sharing that knowledge is what has enabled Keller to find the best sensor solutions.

The stages of creating a tailored customer-specific solution

  1. Define basic sensor specifications in order to select the appropriate component
  2. Assess the environmental conditions to determine the appropriate design for the intended location
  3. Design the requested customer-specific solution taking all standards and laws into account
  4. Assemble the electronic modules, taking into account application-specific customer requests
  5. Configure electrical interfaces and connections
  6. Custom product labelling with laser engraving or labels

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