Ready-to-use water analysis panels ensure water monitoring with minimum effort and maximum reliability. The complete modular solutions are suitable for all industries. They are customized and perform particularly well at challenging measuring tasks. Operators of municipal WWTPs, drinking water and industrial plants benefit from quick installation, state-of the-art instruments on the panels, as well as foolproof operation.

Reliable quality checks with customized analysis panels

Anyone tasked with providing clean water as cost-effectively as possible will know that this can become a mammoth job. This is due in part to the need for consistent, end-to-end verification of the required water quality. This is why several different measuring points are necessary to monitor critical measuring parameters. In addition to the high costs, a considerable amount of work and a great deal of expertise is involved in terms of the correct installation and supervision of the different measuring points.

This challenging objective can be easily achieved with a water analysis panel, which is precisely tailored to the individual measuring requirements in the plant and is equipped with all the relevant measuring parameters. Endress+Hauser supplies these panels with short lead times. They are fitted with state-of-the-art devices and are optimally designed and foolproof to operate and maintain. Operators can thus save valuable working time. At the same time, these complete solutions take up very little space in the plant.

Endress+Hauser uses a unique, modular system for the design, which enables customers to access support very quickly: from conceptual development to implementation and commissioning. This means that plant operators are always on the safe side, particularly in terms of costs. What’s more, with it’s global support network, Endress+Hauser is a reliable partner throughout the entire life cycle of the solution.

When plant operators receive their water analysis panel, it is completely ready-to-use and includes all components from sample preparation to the transfer of data to higher-level systems. This allows seamless integration into existing communication networks, such as Profibus DP, Modbus TCP/IP, as well as remote monitoring via web server and a cloud connection). It’s then simply a matter of connecting the panel and it’s ready to go.

Master challenges easily

The compact and clear arrangement of all measuring equipment on a single panel makes it easy to operate. The user-friendly Memosens and Liquiline platform, on which all panels are based, requires significantly less specialized knowledge on the part of personnel, as do the sensor diagnostic functions, which are enabled by integrated Heartbeat Technology. This enables status-oriented maintenance and easy inspection of the entire measuring point. With these water analysis panels, plant operators are also well equipped to cope with increasing requirements. That is because the panels can be easily extended to include, for example, the measuring parameters ammonium, phosphate, nitrate as well as total chlorine, free chlorine and bromine.


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