More than ever, we all need reliable networks to provide us with the necessary information, whenever and wherever we need. That’s exactly why HMS Networks launched the Ewon Talk2M in 2007.

Since 2006, the unique Talk2M service meets the expectations of Machine Builders, System Integrators and OEMs who want to access their machines remotely in an easy and secure way. Over the years, Talk2M has become more than a cloud for remote access to machines and it has developed into a fundamental link in the Industrial IoT value chain. Software teams also take advantage of the Talk2M platform to securely retrieve data from the field, developing applications which add value to the data. With well-defined operational services to manage accounts and devices, Talk2M is the best choice for your remote solution.

As the first secure industrial connectivity service in the cloud, Talk2M is a highly reliable, efficient and secure solution for remote machine connectivity, including a state-of-the-art global server infrastructure.

With Ewon’s Talk2M as a powerful and scalable infrastructure, it offers the following:

High availability for maximum business continuity

Two options are proposed:

Talk2M Free+, featuring several hosting partners.

Talk2M Pro, hosting at RackspaceTM and other high-end hosting partners.
○ Mission critical hosting partner and service.
○ SLA (service level agreement) offering 99,6% business

Fully redundant server architecture

  • 3 different hosting providers geographically distributed to maximize resilience.
  • Separated access servers and VPN servers for an optimized roll out mechanism.

Proximity ensures low latency

  • Optimized server locations for minimized latency.
  • Worldwide hosting sites in e.g. Europe, North America, Japan, China, Australia, India, South Africa.

First rate monitoring

  • Supervised 24/7/365 by on-duty engineers.
  • Based on KPI’s (key performance indicators) gathered from all servers.
  • Proven and effective monitoring software (such as Munin).

Layered security approach
Talk2M ensures high security using the “Layered security approach” also called “Defense in Depth Approach”. This approach safeguards information integrity and confidentiality along with information system availability and resilience.

Talk2M – Transparent and Secure Industrial Cloud:

HMS Networks not only maintains, but also constantly improves the levels of performance, service and security of their connectivity cloud. Through this process, HMS Networks publish their infrastructure availability publicly on their website. Their cloud also adheres to high levels of security thanks to their ISO27001 certification.

Free of charge and included with all devices

HMS Networks’ solution is made possible through a joint effort between their routers and their cloud solution. As a result, all devices are provided with cloud connectivity, free of charge. You can add as many users and as many devices as you need while still enjoying the same quality of service.

Pro features for our most demanding customers

As your business grows and your management needs increase, we recommend that customers upgrade to a Talk2M Pro license. This additional level of service provides improved user management and a global Service Level Agreement. You also receive more traffic and data, additional concurrent connections, unlimited web portal connections, and the ability to view all your sites from our VPN client.

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