Italian industrial automation specialist, Camozzi Automation, has developed a multi-technological approach that bridges the gap between electric and pneumatic actuation using advanced proportional technology. For applications that require accuracy, quick response times and control optimisation, Camozzi offers a series of products that use this proportional technology to control flow rate, pressure, and position. This allows us to combine the power of pneumatics with the accuracy of electronics.

We split proportional equipment into two categories, valves and regulators, with multiple options within each category. To select the best product for the application, variables such as operating pressure, flow rate, type of control, accuracy and dynamic range need to be considered.

Our latest offering, the Series PRE proportional pressure regulator with CoilVision technology, is a high-precision regulator with closed-loop control to accurately maintain a set pressure in the system. An external pressure sensor can be connected to the regulator to provide the pressure measurement at a precise point of the process, particularly if the pressure of aggressive gases or liquids needs to be used as the reference.

Offering flexibility in terms of control: the PRE is available with 5-bit digital control, giving a maximum of 32 different pre-set pressure points; or an analogue version with either 0-10 V or 4-20 mA signal from the PLC; or there is the IO-Link version, compatible with the latest communication trends in industry. A feedback signal is also provided to indicate actual pressure readings from the sensor. This allows the pressure to be continually adjusted or optimised to carefully control a process, for example, precise dosing of a chemical or tensioning a roller.

It comes with or without a display and there is an option for an integrated exhaust valve, which enables the system to exhaust even in the event of a power failure. A manifold version enables the control of several outlets with only one inlet.

Furthermore, the unit is modular with our FRL range so that the quality of the air feeding the unit is easily ensured. The PRE is also available with Wi-Fi connection for easy monitoring via the cloud and comes standard with a USB port for configuration via PC, using software that is freely available on our website. Oxygen compatibility or ATEX certification can also be provided.

It is the continuous monitoring capabilities that truly set the PRE apart from its competitors. CoilVision is the latest condition monitoring system from Camozzi, which constantly monitors the operation of the solenoids in the regulator and prevents possible malfunctions. All data coming from the regulator can be transmitted wirelessly to the cloud, where it is aggregated and used to assess the usage and operational efficiency of the regulator summarised in a visual dashboard. Importantly, the condition status can also be sent to the PLC via IO-Link for integration with the control system.

The Series PRE is a truly versatile solution, available in two sizes and with different pressure and communication configurations, including IO-Link connectivity.


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