Monitoring Contamination Efficiencies with the Power of Connectivity

A significant drawback of the Covid-19 Pandemic has been the limiting aspect of travelling and especially, visiting installations in remote locations. The disruption to business has made hydraulic service personnel introduce cost saving efficiencies and adopt a proactive approach to oil condition monitoring.

This innovation to the MP Filtri compliment of Condition Monitoring products will help system engineers with the digitalisation of their monitoring processes. The effective utilisation of the ICM 4.0 can aid efficiencies and help with cost control.  It will aid trouble shooting systems, identifying contaminants early in the service cycle and adopting appropriate filtering media to meet the operational challenges posed by the environment within which the system operates. System designers can incorporate this useful diagnostic tool at the planning stage to help troubleshoot system inefficiencies.

Leading international hydraulic filter and accessories manufacturer, MP Filtri launched the new generation, state of the art wifi enabled particle. The ICM 4.0 is designed and manufactured to deliver the power of connectivity to an operator and be fully Industry 4.0 compliant.

The well-constructed monitor features a reliable in-built wifi hub – enabling users to track the performance and contamination levels of every single machine they operate in real-time. Remote monitoring is now a possibility!

Results of ongoing samples are automatically uploaded and can be monitored via a variety of different feedback channels including a new mobile app, the user’s own cloud systems, a secure web browser and sophisticated software suites created especially for the ICM 4.0. MP Filtri’s primary objective is to analyse both individual machine performance and the up-to-moment state of contamination for an entire facility.

Elvira Caripis, Hydrasales General Manager says: “The ICM 4.0 features innovative LED optical and photodiode technology providing complete 8 channel measurement. The new design and output delivers a comprehensive and continuous hydraulic health check – while its predictive maintenance technology safeguards machinery, enhances productivity, and reduces both costs and unplanned downtime.”

Other key features and benefits of the new ICM 4.0 include:

  • Outstanding connectivity – Utilising cutting-edge WiFi technology
  • Detailed, accurate results–Exceptional repeatability and full 8-channel measurement
  • Live real-time monitoring – Instant and continuous hydraulic health checks 24/7
  • Predictive maintenance technology – Identifying changes before they impact performance.
  • The ICM 4.0 is accurate to 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14μm(c) with contamination data measured and displayed in International Standard Formats: ISO 4406:2017, NAS 1638, AS 4059E
  • Large storage capacity – Store up to 4000 tests on each machine
  • Robust and durable – Die-cast aluminium body, IP 65/67 protection
  • Fast, customisable test results – Adjust test times and intervals to your personal specification
  • Space efficient – Perfect for installation in confined environments
  • Easy to master – Simple, straightforward interface, multicolour indicators alert indicators for fast issue recognition with output alarm signals
  • Accessibility – Monitor all devices on the go through a single app / webpage via the wifi network or client-based cloud systems.
  • Live trend analysis options
  • Ideal for hydraulic, lubrication, and subsea fluids
  • Manual, automatic and remote-control flexibility

The ICM 4.0 is fully Industry 4.0 compliant and can be combined with a user’s own cloud package. It enables performance and contamination levels of every single machine to be tracked ‘as it happens’ in real time – from home, from the office, off-site – all over the world.

Andrew Geldart of Mp Filtri UK declared; “It is more than just a particle counter, the ICM 4.0 can automatically measure and display moisture and temperature levels in hydraulic fluids.” He continued; “It can be mounted directly where ongoing measurement or analysis is required and where space and costs are limited.”

MP Filtri UK managing director Phil Keep added: “The ICM 4.0 will offer cutting-edge LED optical technology for unrivalled accuracy, tremendous attention to detail in manufacturing, and is backed by purpose-built software developed specially for the ICM 4.0 to take industry professionals  into a new information age. It is a key weapon in the fight against contamination”

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