New Barcode Line Scanners

Wenglor’s new BLN Barcode Line Scanner sets new standards for the reading of one-dimensional codes. With the increased scanning area, the stationary scanner can be used at manual workstations and in fully automated systems.

The integrated CCD line sets the BLN series apart, particularly with its high reading performance. The large scanning area is 20 to 200 mm or 30 to 520 mm – depending on the model – which greatly increases flexibility in system design and installation.  The compact design (29 x 60 x 52 mm) also enables installation in tight spaces such as complex intralogistics facilities.

The BLN scanner reliably reads 1D codes with a very high density of over 0.075 mm in static and dynamic applications of up to 0.3 m/s with a scan rate of 510 scans/s. The decoder information is sent directly to the system via an integrated Ethernet or RS-232 interface.

Visible red light helps to ensure that the code is optimally aligned in the scanning area when used in manual workstations. The successful decoding is then output directly to the operator via a green “Good Read” LED, and the practical OLED display shows the information stored in the code.

In addition to the easy operating concept requiring no extra software, the smart sensor impresses with its robust housing design with IP67 degree of protection, which also makes it suitable for harsh industrial environments.


  • Large scanning area from 20 to 200 mm or 30 to 520 mm
  • Compact design for installation in space-restricted areas
  • Ethernet and RS232 interface
  • Visible red light for easy alignment
  • Green “Good Read” LED and OLED display showing reading status


Anastas Schnippenkotter
ASSTech Process Electronics & Instrumentation
Tel. +27 11 708 9200

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