What is this New IO-Link Technology?

IO-Link is the first standardized short distance, bi-directional, digital, point-to-point, wired, industrial communications networking standard (IEC 61131-9) worldwide.  It is used for communicating with digital sensors and actuators to either a type of industrial fieldbus or a type of industrial Ethernet.

The powerful point-to-point communication is based on the long established 3-wire sensor and actuator connection without additional requirements regarding the cable material. So, IO-Link is no fieldbus but the further development of the existing, tried and tested connection technology for sensors and actuators.

Instrotech, instrumentation & process control specialists represent SIKO locally, and are able to offer the following IO-Link capable products:

  • SIKO MSA Magnetic Sensor 213C – for absolute high-resolution, that is capable of numerous interfaces, and is a very small design dimensions, is ideal for use in handling and assembly automation, machining systems, pick-and-place applications or PCB processing. The MSA213C is also an excellent choice for precise position detection and speed measurement in linear direct drives.
  • SIKO AP10 Electronic position indicator – Bus-capable position indicators from SIKO are the heart of a monitored size changeover, and are indispensable in machine construction today. Their ability to display the setpoint and actual value on the adjusting spindle to the machine operator increases comfort for the setter. This greatly simplifies the process of refitting a production machine for a new product. At the same time, feedback on the positioning status to the machine controller increases reliability for format changes and optimizes set-up times. This prevents incorrect settings, avoiding scrap and tool damage. In short, it increases efficiency and reduces set-up times.
  • SIKO AP05 Electronic position indicator makes product changes intuitively and is the most compact of all SIKO bus-compatible position indicators. It replaces the AP04, the best-selling bus-compatible position indicator worldwide. As well as being attachment-compatible, its inverted, backlit LCD display is its most significant upgrade, ensures the target values and actual position are ideally legible, even in low-light conditions.
  • SIKO AG03/1 High-performance compact actuator for complex positioning Space-saving, easy mount with through hollow shafts up to max. ø14 mm and brushless 50 W, 24 V EC motor with long service life. Integrated power and control electronics with inverse polarity and overload protection, as well as integrated absolute position encoder on the output shaft and interfaces CANopen, Profibus-DP, RS485/SIKONETZ5 or IO-Link; IO-Link optionally with 1 cable or 2 cable interface



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