Reaping the Benefits from Enterprise OEE Solution

Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE as it is commonly known remains one of the best methods of evaluating a production machine or line. By measuring the Performance, Quality and Availability of any discrete production environment and knowing the business constraints, allows the production management to focus attention on the areas most affecting the performance. Adding additional analysis, like reasons, allows even further focus to be applied to ensure that these assets are performing at their best.

After recognising the need for a better shop-floor performance management tool Silverton Engineering, a body parts stamping enterprise that supplies the likes of Nissan and Ford, chose to implement the locally developed Enterprise OEE software from Adroit Technologies.

Driven largely by the cost of the solution Silverton Engineering along with Bytes, co-specified the solution with a view to getting a product that suited their particular manufacturing requirements.

Pieter Reichardt, lead engineer in the Bytes team along with Silverton Engineering manufacturing and production management set about building a specification that allowed Adroit Technologies to broaden their existing OEE offering into an Enterprise ready tool.

Martin van Nieuwkoop, Group Plant Manager of Silverton expands on the Company requirements, “The solution needed to integrate into our ERP from scheduling, works order and maintenance perspective. In addition, we needed visibility on each machine that clearly showed the current status so that the production supervising teams could very easily see exactly what was happening and therefore be able to solve the problem areas as they showed themselves”.

Bytes and Adroit then co-designed the solution which is a complete software and hardware offering. The Mitsubishi FX5 along with a stack light gets installed at each production press. This is where the stroke limits along with the production counts and other machine status are read. Each machine has an industrial PC that the operator of the machine works from. This is where the production schedule is loaded, the production time is stopped and started, stoppage reasons etc are all entered. The stack light creates the visibility based on the status of the machine.

With the Adroit Enterprise OEE solution, manufacturers are able to identify problems, constraints and bottlenecks within production systems. This leads to greater efficiency and profitability.

A summary of the Adroit Enterprise OEE solution would be;

  • The Adroit Enterprise OEE enables manufacturers to visualize shop-floor performance in real-time.
  • With Adroit Enterprise OEE, companies are able to anticipate events that represent efficiency and savings – allowing focus on preventative maintenance, machine failure root cause analysis
  • Live data provided by the Adroit Enterprise OEE solutions can provide insights and knowledge to reduce unplanned downtime, increase throughput speed and quality whilst identifying unplanned stoppages that ultimately lead to greater profitability.
  • Adroit Enterprise OEE has built-in management and real-time performance Early detection of problems means less downtime and production losses.
  • Adroit Enterprise OEE is supplied with comprehensive web-based OEE Management Reports including but not limited to;
  • Downtime Survey Reports
  • Production Reports
  • Log in / Log out Report
  • Production Dashboards
  • Production Summary Production per hour
  • Total Machine / Zone / Plant / Production Count

In conclusion, to compete in the modern era manufacturing companies need to “understand” the complex production environment and the locally developed Adroit Enterprise OEE solution is the perfectly priced solution for local manufacturers.

Dave Wibberley
Adroit Technologies
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