Level Detector In All Positions

The Kobold LNM microwave level switch is used for detecting levels of fill. The microwave field penetrates several millimeters into the medium. Foam, condensate or remains of the transported medium that have stuck on to the tank are not detected.

By using this principle of measurement it is also possible to detect non-conductive media.
The level switch is particularly suitable for use with foaming media because the foam itself is not detected. The output of the level switch only switches when the coupling section is completely covered by the medium. This means it is possible to install it into tanks regardless of position.

In combination with the Kobold LZE or LZE-R weld-in sleeves, the probe provides a measuring point that has no dead space and meets hygiene standards.
This level switch is therefore very well suited for CIP/SIP cleaning. Adapter sleeves are also available for different process connections so that the device can also be used in existing systems. Because the electronics are already integrated no other evaluating instrument is necessary. The output signal (24 V DC) can therefore be transmitted direct to an SPS for further processing.

Technical specifications

  • 150 °C process temperature (short-term)
  • 10 bar process pressure
  • Dead space free and hygienic standard installation system available


  • Integrated electronics for direct connection to PLC system
  • Precise operation even with foam-forming fluids
  • Phase separation for different media

Kobold LNM finds application in level monitoring, for conductive and non-conductive media; safe level monitoring even with foam and deposits, and phase separation of oil/water.


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