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The world’s most critical health disease and disorders can be fought with early-stage diagnosis.  Discovering and implementing the best electrical sensing platform for clinically accurate detection of specific biomarkers, is the primary challenge for researchers in bio-electronics today.

The Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer is the right companion for the accurate characterization of sensors arrays, carbon nanotube-based transistor, bio-components, molecular transistors and wires, nanoscale level devices and many more application in the field of medical.

High-load capacitance, resulting from complex test set ups, can result in inaccurate or unstable measurements. Now users can perform low-current measurements in these environments with two new SMU modules for the Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer.

The new 4201-SMU medium power and 4211-SMU high power source measure units (SMUs) can source into and measure systems with longer cables or more capacitance than previously possible using traditional SMUs. This saves researchers and manufacturing test engineers the time and cost that would otherwise be spent troubleshooting and reconfiguring test setups to remove excess capacitance.

FET Testing Through a Switch Matrix

Cables, switch matrices, and prober chucks can all increase the capacitance of a test system. Device testing through a switch matrix can be challenging because additional cabling is required. Triax cables are used to connect the SMUs to the switch matrix and from the switch matrix to the DUT. A typical circuit involving two SMUs connected through a switch matrix, using remote sense is shown in Fig.1.

Clean Measurements with New SMUs

Dramatic improvements resulted when using two 4211-SMUs compared to two traditional SMUs. These source measure units allow for clean measurements, even in systems with high capacitance. Now users can achieve measurement results with more stability than with traditional SMUs. (See Fig. 2.)

Key features of Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer:

  • Industry-leading stable low-current measurements
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Quicker setup and fewer troubleshooting errors
  • In-field upgrades saves on lengthy downtime periods

The need for sensitivity, voltage and current accurate control, whilst also being very “quiet” in terms of noise measurements, are more than met with the 4200A.  The unit is shipped with Clarius+ application software, providing an ever-growing library of ready-to-use application tests, new measurement techniques, measurement videos, and application notes.

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