Keeping Temperature Measurement on Track – Small Device, Big Functions

The Jumo eTRON T 100 DIN-rail mount electronic thermostat is specifically designed for temperature control and monitoring. In addition to the input signals for RTD probes and thermocouples, a 0(4) to 20 mA measurement input is available for connecting other process variables.

The device sets itself apart with its compact size and large function range including an integrated timer, data logger, service and operating hours counter, PhotoMOS output for additional limit value signally, and digital input. Digital control signals can be used to create logical connections (AND, OR, XOR), which are processed internally.

The thermostat has UL approval.

The user-configurable dot-matrix display allows viewing of all process values, parameters, switching statuses and the electric connection diagram.

A clearly structured operating concept, supported by additional text (four languages are already available on the device) as well as quick wiring via vibration-proof PUSH IN terminals, enable a quick and easy start-up. Alternatively, the device can also be configured via a setup program and the micro UBS interface which is built-in as standard.

Its compact design allows integration with ease into control panels and sub-distribution units.

Anastas Schnippenkotter

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