Image Processing Software Now Gets PROFINET Interface

Wenglor’s image processing software, uniVision, is now offered with new features. The latest release 2.2 version enables Smart Cameras and control units to be integrated into controls quickly and easily via a PROFINET interface. New software modules and functions for the visualization of results also make this update particularly valuable to users.

PROFINET is the most used real-time interface throughout the world. With this integrated interface in Smart Cameras and control units, the results of image and profile evaluations can now be transferred in real-time.

Process data can also be processed via other interfaces such as digital IOs, TCP/IP or UDP.

Another feature of the uniVision 2.2 is the new web-based visualisation function. This enables results to be displayed as overlays (e.g. measurement points or lines) directly in the image or height profile. A “good/bad” display of the overlays in the signal colours red and green is also available, showing the user whether the test points are OK or not OK (NOK). All results can be shown quickly and flexibly via a browser-based display.

The updated 2.2 is rounded off with the new FTP module for saving image, profile or text files on the uniVision device itself or on a FTP server in the network. This enables image data to be generated and exported for documentation purposes. The additional new “Count” module also enables good and bad parts to be counted to provide an overview of the current production process.

Both modules are included in all uniVision packages and in all hardware classes. This makes uniVision even more capable and comprehensive. The VisionApp360 plug-in even enables combined height profiles from 2D/3D profile sensors to be evaluated and cross sectional areas to be determined.

The software is structured like an intelligent toolbox. In total, users have available up to 25 different software modules such as measurement, threshold value, cluster, OCR, pattern matching, tracking etc.), as well as different templates such as read 1D codes, check presence, detect patterns or to detect colours, depending on the hardware selected.

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