Overpressure Control in Mini-environments and Hygiene Rooms

For the production and packaging of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry, hygiene is an important factor in determining the purity and efficacy of medications. Production therefore takes place in defined hygienic areas. A stable overpressure prevents the penetration of particles from adjacent production areas. Differential pressure transmitters can be used for overpressure control in hygiene rooms.

Modern pressure measurement technology – a must in the pharmaceutical industry

Whether the tablets or powders are packed in blister, glass or plastic containers, whether serums are filled into phials, syringes or glass bottles – the production environment must meet the highest standards of cleanliness at all times. The state-of-the-art processes and packaging machines used by the pharmaceutical industry offer various possibilities for creating such a production environment.

The first option is to place the entire production line in a traditional cleanroom. The second is to use a series of separate, sterile hygiene cabins. The third possibility is to use delimited areas – or so-called “mini-environments” – within the machine for sensitive stages of production. Each of these three options ensures that individual process steps, such as filling or packaging, take place under cleanroom conditions. In these sensitive production areas, the supply and exhaust air are regulated and monitored. A controlled, stable overpressure prevents particles entering the cleanroom from adjacent production areas

halstrup-walcher supplies a variety of differential pressure transmitters for overpressure control and filter monitoring in process and packaging machines. They are stable measuring systems for lowest air pressures in the lower Pascal range.

The portfolio includes a wide variety of designs with various pressure and electrical connection options, interfaces and parametrisation settings, including the functions described above for zero-point calibration and adjustment.

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