Retooling with packaging industry trends

Sustainability, industry 4.0 and customization are the biggest trends in the industry right now. In order to meet the challenges associated with these trends, the intelligent drives from halstrup-walcher offer packaging machine manufacturers advantages in each of these areas.

Sustainability: Positioning systems from halstrup-walcher work without batteries, preventing the stress to the environment caused by manufacturing, using and disposing of rechargeable batteries. Another advantage for the user: batteryless drives require no maintenance. Our ISO 14001:2015 certification verifies that halstrup-walcher GmbH generally takes environmental issues into consideration in all of its processes and corporate decision-making.

Industry 4.0: Positioning systems from halstrup-walcher can be integrated into the machine system using any control method. Each drive is an independent cyber-physical system. The absolute encoder is the sensor for determining position, while the gearbox, motor and motor control unit serve as actuators for moving the positioning object (e.g. packaging tool, etc.). Along with the decentralized on-board intelligence, these positioning systems can be perfectly integrated into machine processes. The process data provided by the drive allow for predictive maintenance, not only for the drive, but also for entire machine components.

Customization: The trend toward customization in the packaging industry is resulting in smaller and smaller lot sizes. That demands flexible machine solutions. Format changeovers have to be quickly, reproducibly, without compromising quality and while minimizing machine downtime. Positioning systems from halstrup-walcher adjust every axle simultaneously at the touch of a button, allowing production to continue without delay.


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