Measuring Sensors with IO-Link

Inductive measurement sensors with IO-Link and a voltage output complete the range of Turck’s sensor portfolio. The flexibility of the new analog sensors offer users a range of different application scenarios. The devices can firstly be used as a measurement sensor with an adjustable 0…10 V or 2…10 V output and a freely configurable switching output. The use of IO-Link 1.1 COM 2 also makes the sensor suitable for use as a data supplier for Industry 4.0 applications, such as for predictive maintenance.

The measuring range of the sensors has a 12-bit resolution and offers the user a wide range of functions and parameter options. Besides the freely definable measuring range, they also enable the user to change the behavior of the switch bit in the process data and the physical switching output in SIO mode, such as for switching functions like switch windows or adjustable hysteresis.

When used as an IO-Link product, additional diagnostic options are provided with 2 bytes of process data. The temperature indicator, which is integrated for temperature compensation, can thus output an alarm in the event setpoint deviations. Thanks to the freely writable application specific tag, the user knows immediately which sensor has output the warning. The sensor also outputs a warning if the target is outside of the detection range.

The M12, M18 and M30 flush threaded barrel devices are available first of all. The non-flush threaded barrel types will be available later, as well as flush and non-flush rectangular sensors.

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