Inline Conductivity Meter with Modular Platform and IO-Link

 Anderson-Negele’s ILM series of conductivity sensors are for all hygienic applications in the food, beverage, and Bio-Chemistry industries. The ILM conductivity sensor is used for many applications such as CIP-Processes (detergent / water phase separation), concentration measurement (such as the sharpening of CIP detergents), as well as reliable product monitoring and quality assurance.  The current generation ILM-4 is based on a modular platform, and with the recent upgrades implemented, the ILM now has a 5 year warranty and Hybrid technology with digital + analogue interface (IO-Link + 4…20 mA): from simple data transfer to intelligent communication technology of IO-Link and 4-20mA in parallel.

The ILM-4 with IO-Link and 4…20 mA enables an active, automated and temperature compensated measurement to different media in production processes and to the CIP / SIP return flow of acid / caustic / water. These CIP / SIP media can be drained or returned to the storage tanks in the highest possible grade by means of precise inline conductivity measurement. The multiple use of the cleaning media ensures in addition maximum cost efficiency and environmental protection.

In addition to the conductivity, the ILM outputs the medium temperature on the analogue output or IO-Link, thus making an additional process parameter available without requiring a separate temperature measuring point. A compensation of the temperature error – that plays a major role along with the concentration of the medium–results from the temperature co-efficient (TC-value) of the liquid that can be set up in the electronics.

The ILM series are extremely compact with & robust modular design: configurable from the low-priced basic version to the high-end model or remote version with Smart Replace Design via M12 plug. The set-up is made simply via the large display, IO-Link or the use of the MPI-300 programmer.

Advantages of the ILM-4 conductivity sensor

  • Extremely short response time (1.2 s) for maximum efficiency
  • Ready for industry 4.0: digital IO-Link interface and analog 4…20 mA data transmission in parallel
  • Various process connections: G1”, Tri-clover, DRD, SMS, Varivent, Milk pipe, APV
  • Precise phase separation of different media means less product loss and cost minimization
  • Optimum multiple use of the cleaning chemicals due to correct return to the respective tanks
  • Minimization of cleaning time and water consumption: inline conductivity analysis for active switching after reaching the desired value and not after a passive, fixed time
  • Precise concentration control of the cleaning agents
  • Reliable/accurate product monitoring / robust quality assurance
  • 5-year warranty


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