Excellent Measurement Performance of Process Moisture Analyzer

An independent report confirms excellent measurement performance of Michell’s OptiPEAK TDL600 process moisture analyzer. A new report undertaken by DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik in Leipzig has demonstrated that the OptiPEAK TDL600 from Michell Instruments offers stable, accurate and repeatable measurements of moisture in natural gas and is not affected by changes in background composition.

A total of 16 different experiments were carried out to test the TDL600’s capabilities in a range of background gas compositions, comprising energy-rich H-group natural gas as well as pure methane. The evaluation involved different target levels of moisture together and further testing to determine any influence from the addition of associated gas components; Hydrogen, hydrogen-sulphide and methanol. Test conditions for the OptiPEAK TDL600 closely mimicked varying process operating scenarios in gas processing and pipeline transmission.

The report’s author, Dr Rico Rockmann, commented that, ‘Overall the Michell OptiPEAK TDL600 displays very stable values, without outliers or incorrect measurements.’

The OptiPEAK TDL600 uses the latest generation of tuneable diode laser spectroscopy sensors to detect trace moisture in natural gas, down to 1 ppmV. Because it uses a non-contact sensing technology is it resistant to contamination and produces fast, reliable results in challenging applications such as changing methane concentrations and sour gas.

It has global hazardous area certifications and is available with a range of sampling options.

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