Barcode Scanning with Mobile Devices in Hazardous Areas

Extech Safety Systems worked with Mobexx in the UK to develop the mobXscan mobile application for barcode scanning with mobile devices. The application has been released for Windows 10 and Android offering 100 ms scanning times.

Barcode scanner: mobXscan adds the capability of barcode scanning to any Windows 10 tablet PC or Android device and uses the built-in camera to scan and capture the barcode. Easy to use, the interface makes it simple to add barcode reading functionality.

Easy integration: mobXscan is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Simply open the app and press the scan button to read the barcode and enter it into the device. Alternatively send a simple command from the application to trigger mobXscan.

Clever design: mobXscan makes the use of barcodes easy, but also powerful. It is fully compliant with Microsoft Windows 10 and Android 5.0 and above, but offers some clever features to make it really easy to add to the application, and really simple for the operator to use – the easier to use, the easier operators will accept a new process.

MobXscan opens up true 100 ms barcode scanning at a fraction of the cost of traditional IS barcode scanners. Extech can offer the AEGEx Windows 10 tablet and/or Mobile smartphone (IS530.1) or tablet (IS910.1) to allow this application to be used in all hazardous areas.

Neal Harrison

Extech Safet y Systems
Tel. +27 83 309 8201


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