Comtest – SA’s leading provider of test & measurement and communications equipment, and solutions and specialized systems, is proud to mark their 15-year trading milestone in 2020.

Barend Niemand, Comtest CEO says, “Comtest has representation throughout South Africa and with our bold, worldwide export sales-drive, Comtest’s vision includes adding new products to the existing range, and the acquisition of new companies to complement our core business.”

Comtest was founded by Peter Verwer and Barend Niemand (Ex-Spescom MeasureGraph) in 2005 and has its HQ in Linbro Park, Gauteng.  Aside from being Fluke’s Master Distributor to South Africa, Comtest also represents leading international companies in the test and measurement fields: Beha-Amprobe, BK Precision, Fluke Calibration, IET Labs, Industrial Scientific, Keytag, Meriam, Microsemi, Midtronics, Pico Technologies, Pico Automative, Radian Research, Tektronix.

Instrotech was acquired in 2010, to expand the business into the process and automation industries. Instrotech creates high quality process control instrumentation and industrial electronics. Partnering with international leading brands Vishay, Optris, Keller, Siko, Kobold, Monitran, Elis, Scancon, and Sensor Tech, Instrotech supplies cost-effective, consistently reliable, high-quality industrial electronics, sensors, instrumentation and calibrators for the automated process and control industry, complementing primary sensors such as load cells, pressure and flow transmitters, sourced from European and North American companies.

“Business is not for the fainthearted in these recent, highly challenging trading-times, but Comtest has a strong, knowledgeable and loyal Team driving our goals and aspirations, so I feel confident that we will inevitably reap the benefits as soon as the economic climate eases”, Niemand concluded.

Tel. +27 10 595 1821

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