The efficient and easy to configure DALI-2 lighting solution


The TwinCAT 3 Lighting Solution, which is easy and convenient to configure via Excel files, simplifies all work steps from engineering to maintenance. All typical lighting controls are integrated in the system, and the number of DALI lines is unlimited. Fast functional changes, address changes, system expansions or cross-DALI line groupings can be carried out without operating interruptions. In addition, daylight-dependent human centric lighting concepts can also be implemented.

With the addition of the TwinCAT 3 Lighting Solution (TF8050), Beckhoff has extended its product range for the automation of commercial and public buildings with a DALI-2 lighting control system. The solution can be used to suit every lighting situation in large office buildings or production halls. It not only includes a comprehensive, complete range of functions, but rather also the consistent simplification of all work steps and control options. Moreover, the TwinCAT 3 Lighting Solution is fully web and HTML-capable, decentrally scalable and can be operated conveniently via panels and mobile end devices such as tablets, for example.

The broad range of applications includes motion and presence-dependent lighting control, daylight-dependent lighting control, management of lighting scenarios and control of dynamic light sequences based on the natural course of daylight for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) concepts. In addition, monitoring of energy and status data can be used for optional location-independent data analysis, while engineering is simplified considerably as there is no restriction on the number of DALI lines, cross-DALI line groupings can be carried out and all typical lighting controls are available.

The TwinCAT 3 Lighting Solution supports the implementation of HCL in particular through the integrated color temperature setting function, freely adjustable color temperature and dimming function curves, lighting control optionally via start/stop time or sunrise/sunset as well as full compliance with the DALI DT8 standard.

The lighting solution is made even easier to use through modular and conveniently scalable hardware options. As a fully configured plug-and-play version, the solution includes either a 7-inch multitouch CP6606 or CP6706 Panel PC or a CX51x0 or CX9020 Embedded PC. In addition, the I/O level with Bus Couplers and Bus Terminals can be easily adapted to individual application requirements.

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