Next generation vibration and temperature sensors for predictive maintenance solutions

QM30VT Series sensors build on the capabilities offered by the QM42VT Series sensors they replace. They maintain all the same functionality, registers, and scaling of the QM42VT Series. However, their ultra compact design (30 mm x 30 mm x 13.25 mm) and rigid metal construction reduces resonant interference, enabling superior measurement accuracy. They are available in IP67- and IP69K-rated models and are some of the smallest sensors available on the market.

Versatile deployments

QM30VT Series sensors have an ultra compact design that fits easily in very small spaces. The thin, flexible cable and easy-to-use bracket options simplify installation, even in hard-to-access locations. They are available with IP67-rated sealed aluminum housing for use in most industrial applications or with an IP69K-rated 316L stainless steel housing suitable for use in wash down environments.

Early identification of problems

Machine vibration is often caused by imbalanced, misaligned, loose, or worn parts. QM30VT Series sensors provide greater levels of accuracy in measuring RMS velocity and other vibration characteristics. They will detect even slight changes in machine performance, so potential problems can be identified early, before an issue can cause additional damage, machine failure, and costly unplanned downtime.

Local and remote monitoring

View graphs of vibration data, create alerts, store, and analyze data from multiple assets using QM30VT Series sensors in combination with the Wireless Solutions Kit for Temperature and Vibration (sold separately). Or create your own solution using Banner’s Connected Data Solutions cloud software in combination with the sensors, radios or nodes, and a DXM Series wireless controller.


QM30VT Series vibration and temperature sensors can be used on any machine with rotating motion or vibration to:

  • Expose machine performance issues caused by misalignment, unbalance, bearing failures, pump cavitation, blade damage, etc.
  • Reduce downtime by providing predictive insights to potential issues before a failure can occur
  • Establish more strategic scheduling of equipment maintenance
  • Reduce spare parts inventories by having predictive insights to future failures
  • Monitor machines and collect data in industrial applications as well as in challenging environments where exposure to wash down is possible

Sensors in the QM30VT Series can be used alone for simple monitoring and data collection applications or as part of a complete predictive maintenance solution.


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