Introducing a new series of safety couplings for compressed air systems. The new KP series is an ergonomic push-button, self-venting coupler with an intuitive, easy-to-use design.

The KP series covers all European market requirements by including all commercially available profiles such as ISO C, ISO B and EURO.

Occupational safety is gaining increased importance in the market, and the ISO 4414 compliant KP series is well-aligned to these requirements.  The coupling has a two-step operation: with the first operation of the button, the compressed air on the plug side is vented. The second press releases the connector profile; this prevents so-called whiplash effect.

The KP series complements Parker’s existing range of vented couplings and underlines the company’s position as a leader in the field of safety couplings.


Lisa de Beer
Parker Hannifin
Tel. 011 961 0700

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