The aim of the soft starter is to minimize the high inrush current during the start of a 3ph squirrel cage motor. This protects the electric supply and electric installation from overload.

In plants with multiple motors, the use of a soft starter reduces the dimension of wires sizes, protection systems and supply maximum power.

Due to its highly integrated functions and protection circuits of the Christian P-4.0/RL/TP/IC you do not need to install the classic motor protection. The installation requires only the line fuses to protect the wires.


  • Less oversized power supply.
  • Smaller built size of the cabinet.
  • Less parts to be installed.
  • Less mounting space.
  • Price reduction due to less wiring costs.
  • Simple commissioning.
  • Protection of the mechanical components.


  • Storage and logistic systems.
  • Parcel and goods transportation systems.
  • Ventilation systems.
  • Machine builder.
  • Water supply systems.
  • Regenerative power generation plants.
  • PV tracker control.


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